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The Wire Frames


The Wire Frames started when Curtis Weigel went into a small central Iowa studio in 2010 to record a minimalist folk-rock inspired album, but couldn’t fight his pop-punk and alt-rock roots.  The acoustic songs served as foundations to build upon, and the result was Dissect The Recall.  The album oscillates from pounding alternative rock (Orchid Eyes) to soft fingerpicking and nearly whispered vocals (Great Big), with the middle ground filled by melodic tracks ranging from synth-infused pop (Cottonwood [No Lie]) to quirky indie rock (SortsA Coffee Song).

In early 2011 Curtis recruited his brother, Ethan Rietz, to play drums and officially form The Wire Frames.  As a two piece, they take the songs from Dissect The Recall to a new, and much louder, level.

Look for new music from The Wire Frames soon!


Vocals, Guitar / Curtis Weigel
Drums / Ethan Rietz
Bass / Peter Gartin


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